These Pandemic-Related Changes Are Worth Keeping Around

Every cloud has a silver lining, and although the pandemic has been one huge, stressful cloud,

it’s no exception. There are ways our society has changed, focuses we’ve shifted, that are

probably for the best. We all know, deep down, that we’ll never fully return to the old normal, but

maybe that’s okay. Maybe we’re working toward something better.

Caregivers in particular have had to rapidly define normalcy. The way we’ve interacted with our

loved ones has had to be more careful, thoughtful. We’ve learned to appreciate communication

and seek connection however we can. Here’s a look at a few more ways COVID-19 has

changed society for the good:

We’re Proud of Where We Live

According to Google Trends, the phrase “DIY” hit its peak search volume in April 2020. After a

few weeks of being stuck at home, we all collectively got the bug to organize, design, and

create. We fought cabin fever by making our cabins as beautiful and pleasant to be in as


Even though we’ve been able to gradually interact with the world again, this urge to make our

homes better has remained. The “Quarantine DIY” has practically become its own meme.

Finding projects around the house has enabled us to discover or reignite hobbies, and has

given us a way to spend our time that’s not wrapped up in social media or streaming services.

We Have More Workplace Independence

Though it may have taken us time to adjust to a remote workflow, now that we have, many

people - and companies - are thriving. Remote work advocates have been trying to convince

people for years now that people can be productive - and indeed, maybe more productive -

while working from home. Now, we’ve finally all seen it for ourselves. The pandemic has

ushered in a whole new world of workplace flexibility and independence.

Moreover, it’s also empowered people to consider starting their own company. After all, running

a home-based business doesn’t seem so wild once you know how to work from home. This is

especially attractive to parents and caregivers, who may be able to manage their workload and

their caregiving duties all at once. Don’t be surprised if you see more consultancies, small

remote businesses, and solopreneurships crop up over the next year or so as people start

striking out on their own.

We Value Self-Care

Many people don’t start really investing in self-care measures until they reach some kind of

breaking point. Although it’s not good that anxiety and stress are so prolific right now, it has

brought self-care into the forefront of our collective consciousness. Caregivers in particular have

had to learn how to keep up their physical and mental health in the face of adversity.

As a result, meditation, nutrition, and exercise have all had a moment. We go outside more now,

acutely aware that sunlight can make or break our moods. We can see, more clearly than ever,

how much of an impact even the littlest choices have on our moods, not to mention our immune

systems. The pandemic has gifted us with the urge to treat ourselves with kindness.

We’re Community-Minded

Over the last several months, we have all learned how to make choices on behalf of those

around us. We cheer and clap out of our windows during shift changes to let hospital workers

know we’re grateful. We offer to do grocery runs for high-risk neighbors and loved ones, we

make art kits to hand out at community centers and bagged lunches to distribute via school bus.

We’ve shifted our spending habits in order to support local business owners and keep our

communities solvent. We wear our masks, not because they protect us, but because they

protect those around us.

We have learned, in a very visceral way, the power of caring for one another. If we hold on to

nothing else, let it be the knowledge that we are at our best when we work together, for

everyone’s sake. With luck, that community spirit will carry us into a better tomorrow.

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