Making Your Post-Workout Bath a Part of the Recovery Process

The effort that you put into bettering yourself doesn’t stop once you leave the gym. It’s about adjusting every aspect of your routine so that they contribute to reaching your personal goals especially about overall health and wellness. People often ignore the recovery process but it’s an important step to feeling your best in and out. And there’s no better place for an extensive post-workout recovery than in your very own bathroom. Even if it takes you an additional 30 minutes, take all the time you need to improve yourself in every way imaginable. Remember what was said here on Nicki Dark Fitness, self-care is not selfish. You worked out hard, you deserve all of these and more! Here’s how you can transform your bathroom routine to heal your body: 1. Dry brushing Gently sweeping a natural bristle brush against your body is called dry brushing. Aside from being a great exfoliating technique, dermatology expert Joshua Zeichner explained that dry brushing also enhances blood flow. This is important for the recovery process. Working out stresses the muscles and causes inflammation which, if not addressed, can lead to pain and muscle soreness. Think of dry brushing as a gentle and relaxing post-workout massage. 2. Cold to warm water A post-workout shower or bath is one of the simplest luxuries in life but make sure you do it right. Start with cold water to decrease the inflammation and stimulate blood flow. Then slowly amp up the temperature to increase mobility in the joints. Then, top it off with a short stretching session to prevent stiffness after a hard day’s work. Do it on the safety of a dry surface, of course! 3. Epsom salt baths Epsom salts are essential wonder crystals for your bodily aches and pains. Once the salts dissolve in the water, the magnesium and sulfate components are absorbed into the skin which then provides relief for stiffness and muscle soreness. Add about two cups of Epsom salts into the tub for best results. 4. Gentle skin cleansers and enhancing soaps Skincare is part of the recovery process too because workouts can take a toll on the skin. Greatist enumerated the many ways it can affect one’s skin and most of them have to do with dirt build-up. Sweat is a cesspool of bacteria and can cause clogged pores, oily skin, and of course, breakouts. It can be irritating, too, for especially for people with skin conditions such as eczema and dry skin which is why it’s good to take post-workout showers. Bust out your gentle cleansers and give your skin the love it needs. Some even take this as the perfect opportunity to use products that help improve overall appearance such as reducing cellulite. There are even items that are said to enhance your figure. Doom Soap, whose regular users include Kylie Jenner, are claimed to have breast enhancing properties. It contains skin-safe ingredients that help with collagen synthesis which gives you a little bit of a lift in the chest area. Whatever product you do end up using though, make sure to read up extensively on its effects on your skin and overall appearance. 5. Essential oils Lastly, essential oils don’t only smell great, they’re also good for your muscles. As an alternative to Epsom salt baths, Very Well Fit suggests adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil for pain relief. There are many oils you can try such as eucalyptus with cooling properties, rosemary for stimulation, and cypress for reducing muscle spasms.

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