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This question burns in the back of every woman's mind and running joke, especially married women with husbands that lose pounds after they stop drinking soda pops , eating junk, and working out resulting in the pounds just melt off of their husbands. Trust me, that's another story I will get into at another time.

It's known that our magical genetic makeup, which makes us men and women has a lot to do with that. Men are known to have more lean muscle than women do. Women have more body fat, anywhere up to 11 percent body fat to be exact. On the positive side, that body fat is very helpful to women adapting during pregnancy. Please don't let that get you down, ladies. Women do burn calories, carry our body fat in different areas, and women carry usually less body fat in the midsection as men do. The part many don't know is lean muscle burns more calories, even at rest. But don't cheer yet men. You have the wonder hormone testosterone to thank for that. The beautiful and "can't get a round, because it's what makes us a girls" estrogen hormone in women is the culprit assist with the development of body fat in women. According to the Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism study published August 7th 2018 , research was conducting and tracked more than 2,000 obese adults from Europe, New Zealand, and Australia with pre diabetes over a 8 week study. Participates were given a mostly liquid diet of 800 calories. Their liquid diet consisting shakes, hot cereals, soups, to the addition to a 1.5 cup of low calorie vegetable daily. After the 8 weeks study was summed up, 35% of women and men had normal blood-glucose levels and didn't have pre diabetes anymore. Also the men participates lost 26 lbs in comparison to their women counterparts that participated in the study lost 22lbs. (The Science of Weight Loss, August 2018) So on the bright side women, you can now go into those couple weight loss challenge a little more knowledgeable about how men drop the weight faster than you. Gender does play a part in overall health outcomes. Remember, he is not a superhuman....he just got testosterone.

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