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Shavua Tov!! My loves, I'm writing this on a day of reflection. What I love to reflect on is how my day or week even year went thus far. Which lead me to this topic when it comes to my clients that don't always come from all walks of life as they use to. My corporate America clients may have a different need and aspect of what they are searching for in their workout at certain time of the day as my other side of the coin with my upper middle class millennial clientele based. Though they may share many aspects of life as one another, but many process their days differently and that reflects in their training.

Early morning has always been a chosen fave of my personally, because I like to get my sweat out when I'm most focused and in control of my day. It also sets the tone of how you approach as well. But like many I've encounter that didn't make the NDFit cut ain't deep in that #fitnesslife, lol. Understand, that's okay, most situation and even social circles can affect the way you actually workout. Many of my corporate America clients seek more of an evening "lighter" workout due to stress factors. Compare to my upper middle class millennials who focus more on early morning "heavy' workout far as how they what to attack their day.

According to Russell Pate, Ph.d., professor of exercise science in the Arnold School of Public, 'It's not just what time of day, but what activity, with whom and where...this mix of factors for people come together to result in being consistent." Which is very true to a fault. Your work, social life, and even your time management affects how and when you exercise.

It is recommends for a typical person at least 150 minutes (2.5 hours) a week of moderate-intensity or 75 mins (1 hour and 15 min) a week of vigorous- intensity a week. I say typical healthy person, due to many health factors that may require Doctor supervision that may vary the way a person may exercise.

So bringing it back full circle, your chosen time depends on you and what time works best for you. Even 30 minutes a day can get you closer to finding your ideal time to put your health and wellness first.

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