Why You Should Never Ask a Certified Personal Trainer for a Meal Plan...Ever

Hello my lovely blog readers,

Too many people come to me asking for meal plans. In reality, a certified personal trainer is not supposed to supply you with a meal plan....ever.

These amazing health fairies called Registered Dietitians that actually go to very important schools and work under medical physicians for long periods of time. Registered dietitians can't even work on their own for years to assure that all that book knowledge they have gain, didn't go to waste.

Additionally, they have to avoid putting the general public in nutritionally harms way with bad advice or plans. I always encouraged my clients to seek a registered dietitian for assistance with a healthy and nutritionally meal plan structured to create a personalized well balanced diet. Many gym rats and bodybuilders , with no credential at all, are giving out meal plans on a daily basis. Numerous clients are clueless about this serious fact that can affect them in a major way in their fitness journey. Non-certified dietitians are illegally giving out meal plans to people without proper dietitian state licensing.

Imagine practicing as a brain surgeon, but you didn't go to school for it. Operating on unsuspecting people every single day that trust your skill and knowledge. As a consumer, do your fact check, if someone offers you a customized meal plan, ask to see their dietitian state license, you will be surprised to find out how many people actually don't have one....tons!!

As a certified trainer, my mission is to work with your musculoskeletal system and to assist you to reach a lifestyle change. To enforce a better and healthy lifestyle that goes well beyond fitness goals.#lifestylechange

I work closely with amazing dietitians and medical physicians to bring awareness to nutrition to my clients. We do workshops to get my clients more involved with how they are eating on a personal level.Personalized nutrition is not within our scope of practice unless we are going to school as well to be register dietitian. What we can do is provide you with public info about nutrition without overstepping our bounds.

Here are my top pick for starters: Choosemyplate.org www.choosemyplate.gov (Source USDA) A great start for a food novice looking to start on a great path by looking toward an ideal balance diet to in the major 4 food groups available to Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for overall healthy people to avoid leaving out anyone.

Also understanding the BMI index ( Body Mass Index) how you fair in weight comparison to your height.

The site may have a few shortcomings, it doesn't decipher between certain foods like how does a fish stick compare to salmon. Otherwise a great point to start from.

Protect yourself and thank me later :-)

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