Ways to Make Your 2018 Goals Stick

Hola, My Luvs!!

Long time no see. Isn't it crazy how fast 2017 is wrapping up?! Hopefully it has been a ideal year for you and yours. Everyone should be stoked about 2018 and all the mysteries it holds.

But lets break for a sec....Many people are setting awesome goals to tango with the upcoming year. The big question is will those goals stick?

Like many, we go in with great intentions with our goals, only to fall short and quickly within months or even weeks of Jan 1st.

Well, Im here to save many of you from that issue of the notorious New years resolution goal killer.

There are three easy ways to conquer the way you set and obtain your New Year goals.

1. Watch your words!!

Society and marketing campaigns around the world love to use the phase "New Years' Resolution". In reality, the choice to use this phrase is dooming your goals all together. Try using words that help your goal to become part of your routine. I love to use the word "lifestyle" it help to integrate the goal into my everyday life. Instead of using New Years' Resolutions, use 2018 Lifestyle Change.

2. Start Small

Whether its doing 5 push ups a day, cooking one healthy meal a week, or calling grandma more... always start small. A lot of times, people start too big in their New Years goals only to quit soon as they hit a rough spot. Small obtainable goals helps open the doors to healthier goals setting habits that turn into awesome "lifestyle changes"

3. Accountability is Key

Accountability is not only a fitness goal accessory. You can set goals with a friend or family member that may have a similar goal that will help you stay on track with yours . My hubby and I have an on going squat goal. We have to do 20 to 30 squats every morning. If one of us fall short we encourage or ask "you squatting or nah?" lol

We are weird but we love it. Overall, you get the idea of how accountability works. Find someone or something (phone reminders & etc.) to remind you what you are working toward.

Most of all, (this could be number 4, by the way) . Treat yourself to a reward for reaching your lifestyle change goal. Rewards can help you have a "start to finish" direction for your goal. Whether its a nice wardrobe shopping trip to a sweet vacay. Aim toward it, watch your words, start small, and stay accountable.

You will go to 2018 and beyond :-)

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