Does Stretching Actually Decrease Strength?

Hola! mi amigas y amigos!!

Long time no see...from me of course. Things have certainly changed for the better for NDF Studios in many amazing ways.

But back to why I am here!

There are some studies out there that I have been reading about stating that static stretching ( stretches that you hold for 30 secs to help the muscle naturally elongate) can actually decrease muscular strength if done right before an athletic event or exercise.

From my experience as a trainer to pole competitors, athletes, and bodybuilders, the level of stretching varies. I wouldn't rule out all together getting rid of stretching out of your fitness routine. Stretching is key to avoiding muscle imbalance and injury in many cases. But people flexibility needs are different. Stretching a bodybuilder is certainly different than how I would stretch a pole artist.

Bodybuilders need more of a dynamic stretch ( force movement of a muscle to take a joint through a full range of motion) that mimics closer to what their workout or competition regiment may require. For example, push ups & various styles of squats would lean more into what their workout or etc would intel. A pole artist may lean more on the flexibility side of it all.

So static stretching would be more up her/his alley. Static stretching helps much more than the muscle but also the soft tissue. Most importantly in my opinion, the Golgi Tendon Organ ( the sensor located where the muscle and tendon meets.) lets the body know when its gone to far in a stretch) Once this golden nugget and the muscles and tendons that surround it is relaxed from over activity ( tight) i can see how maximal power can be lost. Keep a rubber band in mind when thinking of stretching and how in some ways it can lose a little of its bounce back power if held in a pulled extension for a period of time. Its still an amazing sling shot weapon but it lost a lot of elasticity to a point it not as strong as it once was ( loss of power).

But weigh in on it, so many studies so little evidence to support. do you believe stretching decrease strength?

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