Is Making Time for your Health "Selfish"?

In the surreal reality of countless mind-numbing social media video watching and other numerous ways of time wasting, time is a luxury some of us we can not afford.....Or can we?

As a society of "Right now" we don't make what matters a "right now" factor. Our health and wellness is a priority factor. Yet it takes the back seat in many accounts for many people.

With at least 30 mins a day of exercise for an average adult can make a world of a difference not in lose weight or to reach a summer body goal as the overall goal. What these essential 30 mins do is actually create a priority habit for an average adult of putting their selves first on the totem pole.

I encounter Mothers, Fathers, Wives, students, and all other people from walks of life. Ideally is not to be just their fitness instructor but to help guide to self-love and teaching them to put their health and wellness first before anything else.

People have to learn to make time for the things that matter. Unfortunately, we are taught that putting our selves first above other things is considered "selfish". Staying on top of your health to ensure you can put your best into ALL other priorities in your life is the better way to handle your time and energy.

I remember as a kid, flying from Sacramento, CA to Memphis and I overheard the Pilot and flight attendants demo how the air mask work. To summarize, to put the mask on yourself first before putting it on your child or etc. I never understood at a young age then what that meant. Due to how society has instructed us to care for others and priorities...then ourselves. Now as a "student of life" kind of adult, I call BS, on the whole, putting my health wellness last.

Remember "Selfish" people live longer ;-)

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