Future of Pole: Can We Carry the Torch?

October 13, 2016

Social media has become the grand stage for the world of pole. The aggression of online tutorials to 1 min Instagram videos have become the new teachers of pole...


What pledges me is the new generation of pole has change the way pole use to be in some good ways and some...while bad.


As anyone that is into the fantastic world of pole, if close examine, would see things have change drastically. Many new polers have focus more on creating the next back breaking pole trick, usually un-achievable to the naked eye. To honestly, just to name it after themselves instead of just giving it to the community to make sure we continue to grow with safe and ideal pole spins and tricks for the pole universe. See many of the legends of pole's yesterdays continue to try to keep up with the new world and only to be occasionally pledge by numerous  minor and major injuries than ever before. Its aggravating to see people calling pole tricks & spins from the past "old news". Pole feels like its going into a detour in some cases. Thanks to the auto corrections of the pole pioneers we stay on course. But...What about when they leave, retire, move on to something else more fulfilling? That question burns in my mind all the time. Will pole die like a distant star? Are we as the new generation of pole strong enough to carry this torch?



Many people in the pole world are gifted with the flexibility to do these pole tricks that the average student only dares to dream about. I speak from the heart that it bothers me. Many would take offense but its not in my job description to people please. I speak truth.  But what is failed to be realize that this will only speed up our star only to imploded into dust. We must pay homage to our pole pioneers by not considering what they created as "old news" and remember that "old news" is what we learned FIRST before we became the super-humans that we are or can be.