Learning to Absorb Different Shades of Pole

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See, I’m making time…. For now, lol.

There is now a very updated and glorious pole universe for the innocent novice poler to explore. What I love to tell my students especially my beginner & intermediate students straight and simple; “Focus on exploring the pole universe outside of NDF”. The pole universe has so much to give to the people that are willing to accept. I say this because I dislike with a true passion the behavior of people that visit studios and spend their training time with “But, we were taught this way” speech instead of absorbing a new way of learning a pole move.

Never fails, their minds open up during class and they discover areas they need to get stronger in that they once boasted about. We all have a lot to learn especially absorbing new fundamental ways of the pole. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing wrong with telling people your pole origins but don’t treat it as the Holy Grail because you will lose out on learning something alternatively awesome & new.

There is no right or wrong way in pole; just safety and technique. All pole instructors from the leggy exotic kind to the strength fitness ones have something to contribute to the pole growth of students. We, pole instructors, all have something to give our students. That being said, those students must be willing to absorb it. Sometimes, it can be a culture shock but a good one nonetheless.

still photo credit: AvaMadison.dance

(You betta work those shoes giiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrllllll!!!)

I make it my one of my most important goal to teach my students early on to never be “that person” because it keeps you close minded to your training. If I personally stayed one minded to the way I was trained in pole, I wouldn’t have learned beyond my beginner-intermediate stage. Hell, I wouldn’t even know males pole until now!! #YAAAAASSS.

photo credit: jamesandalex.com

(Look at what awesomeness I would have missed out on, GRRRR!!!!)

The one minded training type of behavior doesn’t start with the student. It is taught early in the studio. So as instructors we have a responsibility to our students to encourage them to go out into the pole universe and absorb whatever helps them grow as a pole artist. That also means pole instructors must also learn to absorb a little in order to show the student. Keeping students blind to keep money in your pockets or you have a personal issue with another studio is wrong and you know it. My old studio was notorious for that as I mentioned in a previous blog post.

Lucky, I was one of the very few that refuse to believe that my pole universe stop at the local pole studio I was being trained at. Because students eventually find out later what they were missing out on. This breeds disaster in a student’s pole growth. A good Pole Instructor is a student’s trusted Pole guide, don’t keep them blind. It won’t do either party any good for that.

So to the pole students out there, continue to discover the different shades of the pole. To my good instructors out there, continue to be their expert pole guide by continuing your growth as well. We all have something to give and absorb from the pole universe. We have to keep it going; the pole universe depends on it.

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