Small Minded People: Blessings & Lessons

Hola & Shalom Dolls!!

It’s so good to see you again!! Long time I know….Between teaching classes and personal training , one sure forgets to slow down and just leave a few pearls of wisdom to those that will listen.

As you notice, I’m in my super happy place even when I encounter small minded people!! Yikes, I know you are like “What are those?!!” but seriously we all encounter people small minded statures of people in one way of the other. Whether its personal goals or dreams.

In my case, career path. They can be negative and they come in all shapes and form. Heck sometimes it can be people you are friends with or even your own mother!!

But I view small minded people differently. Small minded people are gifts from above, they were sent as a test to keep you on the right path and to fuel your passion even more.

I remember reading an article posted on back in 2012 “ 7 Strategies for Dealing with Small Minded and Judgmental Relatives” by LC from

My favorite part that stuck with me: “If you’ve ever tried to do anything the least bit unconventional – choose an unexpected career, date outside your race, state an opinion that differed from most people of your gender or cultural background – you’ve likely experienced this phenomenon yourself.

The truth of the matter is, people HATE dealing with folks who have the audacity to be different. It makes them uncomfortable. They are quick to tell you what they think of you and your choices based on their own experience, and for most extremely judgmental individuals, that experience is typically pretty limited.”

It help me to understand when I needed clarity when encountering with people that didn’t understand my career path in being a pole fitness instructor due to all the other pole studios before me creating this taboo” don’t tell people what you do “ persona because of small minded people.

I’ve always refuse to hide and self-doubt myself because some people are limited mental about the world and what it contains. Hence, my “Don’t give two f*&@ attitude” I’ve had since 1984 ( yeah, I know, I look young for my age) But I’m here to tell you, you can face the world like that too. Don’t let people trample on your ideas, dreams, and goals. But remember they are lessons and blessing all wrapped in one. "Stepping stones" are what I call those types of people.

I love when I encounter small minded people about me teaching pole. I get so excited!! It means an awesome blessing is coming and that small-minded person is the stepping stone to my greatness.

I remember when a regular fitness gym owner, that I was in talks with of adding pole to their fitness regiment. He told me at the last minute before we signed the deal that his wife didn't want "that crap" (speaking about pole in their facility), it would give their current clients the wrong idea and pole is not beneficial. I kept on moving ( people that know me personally knows that fuels me). Fast forward to 1 year later, I ended up with my very own studio which is 1000 sq ft LARGER than theirs.....

Keep my stepping stone testimonies from my pole journey in mind if you ever encounter small minded people anywhere in your life for any reason. They are true gifts from above!! ‪#‎smallmiracles ‪#‎embracethesmallminds ‪#‎letitfuelyou

For the 7 Strategies for Dealing with Small Minded and Judgmental Relatives” article mentioned in the blog: Click Here

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