Men on Pole: The Beauty to be Had

It 2016 people, I hope all your new year’s resolution made it past February. No wavering!! Lol. You can do it.

Okay, most of you know NDF Studios has become a great & fun co-ed fitness studio. But what is mind blowing is how the men population is growing in the pole world. Men have been poling for years and even centuries. Quick history lesson, pole history developed from a traditional Indian sport with the use of a wooden pole to perform great feats of strengths Mallakhamba (Marathi: मल्लखांब). It was originally created to help the wrestlers of India build strength. Now this amazing sport has been dominated by man since 1135 AD. Mallakhamba has brought true influence to the modern world of pole. (The Strangest Sport No One Knows, July 2014). Recently On April 9, 2013, the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh declared mallakhamba as the state sport. Now how awesome is that!

In recent years, men have started entering the pole world. Unfortunately, in the Memphis this migration was little to non-existing. I remember my first encounter with a male instructor, Jimi Blu in Las Vegas. Jimi Blu was a sight for sore eyes!! He is my official pole daddy. He displayed grace and beauty while still staying true to himself as a male pole artist. It was mind blowing because at that time I was a pole newbie that didn't know that the male concept was allowed. I notice over the years that many places didn’t offer a place for males to go pole. Not to mention, being subjected to not being allowed in because they are men.

For ones that know, being very unapologetic is my strong suit. When I encounter women that come to my studio with the idea that men shouldn't be allowed in, the option to kick rocks is always given to them. I don’t care about peoples’ hang ups about it. Don't get me wrong I know some women have had bad encounters in their past and other issues. But I will assure anyone that 100% the men that are there to train are not there to pick up on women. My male students are there to learn. That is the only way they can be in there. You can’t expect to not be excluded in this male dominated world and turn around and do the same thing to our counterparts. To me, we all need to do better to allow our counter parts the opportunity to learn the amazing world of pole.


1. The Strangest Sport No One Knows ( The Slate, July 2014) by By Gaar Adams

2. "Indian roots to gymnastics". NDTV - Sports (Mumbai, India). 6 December 2007.

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