Why Pole Education is Essential

Its been a while I know since my last post, but like all great bloggers that have to experience things before reporting back to their readers. I find it highly disturbing in the local pole community how many polers with months and years of experience dont know who most pole celebrities are or the back stories of pole fitness humble beginings, and who are the wonderful contributors to its success. Its disappointing to hear a students that I've encounter from elsewheres tell me they have poled for numerous of months and years but couldn't tell you who Fawnia is...AWW HELL NAW!! This has to stop seriously!!

Dont get me wrong, we all started off a little naive to the pole world and focused on Youtube and a $99 pole we purchase from Spencer's thinking this is all we need to encounter the world of pole. As a poler progressing in your training, it is essential that you ACTUALLY learn about the world that you have entered.....The GOOD,THE BAD, AND THE BEAUTIFUL!!

What I mean by that is the pole artists, technique, spins, floorworks, and yes you guessed it...Pole Fails because everyone has them. I feel that many studios are doing students a dishonesty by not educating their progressing students on what the pole world really is and who is in it that the student can connect with on their level. Honestly, the studios that dont provide this insight can't be blamed either because many dont have a background on pole education, so how can a studio provide this to their students when they lack it as well. Eventually everyone is getting short changed in the end. Especially the student themselves. This gives students the mentallity that the pole world has a glass ceiling. The pole world is a fasinating world all its own and with no limits.

At NDF Studio, it not just a one time experience with pole. My students get their technique essentials & pole education they need to one day walk the path of a future pole competitor or what ever they choose to do that doesn't limit them in the long run. It is my instructors and myself duty to help our students that want more out of pole then the technique itself learn about the world reknown pole artists, their contribution to the art of pole, and progression. Pole Education is key in the world of pole- not youtube, a cheap Spencer's, and a limited outlook on the pole world...#beenthere #donethat

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