Hello Strangers,

I know it has been a true while, but it’s Hell Season in the studio this awesome and hot summer we are in. So super busy is the name of my game.

But I wanted to share with you a new find that is sure to knock the socks off of most pole artist that struggle through the years like me to find that wonderful balance between being moisturized and being pole dry. Now, there are many different skin types out there, so this is mainly for pole artist and students like me that pole out numerous times a week. Which, in turn, leaves little to be known of your moisturizing game plan? My daily regiment on top of drinking tons and tons of water, taking my biotin to keep my skin, nails, and hair healthy: I use NIVEA'S IN-SHOWER MOISTURIZER.

I have always been a spokesperson for Nivea when people with my similar skin types that would ask for suggestions, I always mention the Nivea Brand. I was a little skeptical of this particular product because I never heard of lotion that you can put on in the shower!!! You rinse off the in shower lotion and its applied. Simple as that!!

What I love about it most is that that honestly is the perfect time to apply moisture when your skin is in position to seal it in and retain it. So it likes the shower's golden hour!! Lol

Okay, so in your mind, you're saying “what’s the difference between baby oil and NIVEA IN-SHOWER LOTION?'

Baby oil is super dangerous to apply in the shower. Also, it REPELS THE WATER, which you don’t want. You actually want that natural moisture from the shower to lock in. That’s where NIVEA IN- SHOWER LOTION comes in, it's actually locked in the moisture barrier the water assisted in creating soften the skin and keeps you moisturized all day without clogging your pores ( my experience, results may vary) but it hasn’t clogged my pore ( knocking on wood as we speak)

When it comes to pole it doesn’t make me slippery it makes for a great barrier to block out my pole grip from getting embedded in my skin and causing breakouts. It’s incredible!!

NIVEA IN-SHOWER LOTION has made my 6 days a week pole workout a lot easier and created a wonderful moisture barrier so when I’m poling for a long amount of time it protects me from the skin tears that may happen from the excessive climbs and etc. So to answer your question, there is hope, and it’s in an awesome blue bottle. I get mine from WALMART. NIVEA IN-SHOWER LOTION is always cheaper and always check for coupons it makes a lot more affordable. I paid close to $6 for mine, it’s a medium size bottle but a lot goes a long way with this product (I didn’t have a coupon L but I will be better prepared next time. It’s now your turn to you see the results for yourselves.

The one in the picture is my personal bottle. I always get the one for super dry skin with almond oil in it, because it holds on me for an entire day with no need to apply any other type of lotion. But, if you are Lubriderm kind of person, the original version will suit you just fine in the NIVEA IN-SHOWER LOTION. Let me know if it does the job for you in the comments :-)

Also, what is one of your favorite ways to keep the skin healthy and moisturize as a pole artist?

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