Bikini Ready or Healthy: Focusing on a True Health Goal

Many people I have come across believe these goals go hand in hand. But in reality...They don't if the bigger picture is not in play.

Bikini Ready is a short-term goal that in some ways if you don't prepare right for can be a hit or miss goal for many. Waiting till spring to get in shape is definitely a no-no if you really want results for the summer. Many of my clients that know me in the fitness aspect know that I'm not into diets, only food swapping ( editing they way you eat rather than eating completely like someone else). So you can see my concern for the force that many people put on themselves without truly evaluating what their overall goals are for themselves. Is it short term to fit into that cute two pieces you finally got your hands on? or Are you aiming for the long-term goal of being overall healthy with or without the chance to prance up and down a beach in that amazing two pieces?

You would be surprised that many pick the first question. I have seen so many quick weight-loss ads in my time with the gimmick to get people to lose weight fast but in many cases, the weight loss program is either not truly tested by the FDA or has not proved true results. In some case, many people end up with long-term effects or worst.... death.

I believe its a personal choice per every individual, but its okay to aim for a short-term goal to keep you motivated. But that short-term must co-exist properly with the long-term goal that will prove to have a more lasting result in the end.

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