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Does Age & Weight Matter in Pole Fitness?

Let me clear this up for every curious mind...

Long as you can walk & talk you can do pole.

When I was a personal trainer, I was blessed to have encountered many women from different backgrounds, age groups, and sizes. All if not some asked me the same question, “Will that pole hold me?" or told, “I’m too old for pole".

Like I’ve told them and I’m telling you. A properly installed pole doesn’t have an actual weight limited and I taught beautiful women that were looking for an alternative weight loss solution to women in their golden years and wanted to try something new and fell in love. For my curvy dolls, I hate the word fat; its ugly- it’s a word that should be used to describe the content of fats found in certain foods, not in certain people in my opinion. And you can do anything you set your mind to and most of my students in the past were mostly curvy girls. Shedding lbs. and toning every step of the way of their training with me. I even have a long time client that refuses to throw away any of her clothes before she lost close to 70lbs during our training period.

I have been trying to pry those clothes out of her hands for months, I gave up!! Lol. But it always recommends keeping a piece of you fitness past to show how far you have come I would love to watch my curvy dolls go from being unsure about themselves to next say “OMG!! I actually did that!!"(Speaking of their first pole spin).

It would crack me up every time. My form of pole fitness is dealing with the cardio, calorie burning, and athletics of it. And for women looking for a fun & true challenge in losing lbs.’ and toning at a faster pace in a positive environment like NDF Studios is what my brand and mission have always been about. So I hope this answers that ever-burning question that we have all asked at some point and time. It’s okay to feel that way approaching something new and exciting as pole fitness. But fear not at NDF STUDIOS we make sure we instruct on a level that helps with your comfort level.l.

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