Why Women Never Find Their Ideal Results in Those Big Name Gyms

Let me clear this up for every curious mind...

Long as you can walk & talk you can do pole. When I was a personal trainer, I was blessed to have encountered many women from different backgrounds, age groups, and sizes. All if not some asked me the same question, “Will that pole hold me?" or told, “I’m too old for pole". Like I’ve told them and I’m telling you.

A properly installed pole doesn’t have an actual weight limited and I taught beautiful women that were looking for an alternative weight loss solution to women in their golden years and wanted to try something new and fell in love.

For my curvy dolls, I hate the word fat; its ugly- it’s a word that should be used to describe the content of fats found in certain foods, not in certain people in my opinion. And you can do anything you set your mind to and most of my students in the past were mostly curvy girls. Shedding lbs. and toning every step of the way of their training with me. I even have a long time client that refuses to throw away any of her clothes before she lost close to 70lbs during our training period. I have been trying to pry those clothes out of her hands for months, I gave up!! Lol. But it always recommends keeping a piece of you fitness past to show how far you have come Now don’t get me wrong,

Many moons ago, I use to be a little of a gym rat. But I’m genetically built to work out. Both of my parents use to have some form of sports in their life they truly enjoyed. It was only a matter of time before it passed on to me.

But what I’m getting at is I always encounter new clients that give me the spill about what kept them from getting the full work out they were paying monthly for at the big name gyms they went to. Just to name a few awkwardness of walking into the gym and people either already in shape staring at you like an alien or the machines are not what you thought you were qualified to use. Musclehead staring at you and themselves in the mirror, dirty equipment, or just the feeling of lost just to name a few.

When it all boils down, it's none of those reasons summed up......it actually that the gym didn’t challenge them or keep their attention with a side of no one there to show you what to do!!

How do I know? I use to be one of those lost fitness souls!!

Before I found pole fitness, my husband and I use to go to a gym. It was all great with the salesmen feeding us all we need to write our names on the dotted lines for our dual membership. But after one month the stardust of the fantasy that we found our gym had faded and we saw the scary things my friends told me about joining gyms in general after I spent most of my life working out in our apartment’s gym and the outdoors. But I thought a change of pace in fitness for my husband and I would help...I was dead wrong.

As a woman, we have the constant mind frame to always work on our lower body (i.e. running, treadmill, and etc.) whatever the gym provided in that arena. But after a quick run...I would just leave. Nothing at all after that except a well deserve a treat like I did something. Thinking that was all I needed. I was losing out on so much with not utilizing everything. I had gotten to a point that some months I wouldn’t even go and get caught up in my kids’ activities. I finally realized with all the reality around me in the gym and how I was not putting my best foot forward.....I wasn’t being challenged as a woman, busy mother on the go, a person with a fitness goal, and most of all as an athlete.

When I found pole fitness, I was itching for something new and challenging. My first day of pole class was intimidating due to me being allowed to attend an advance ( which is an uber no-no in a proper pole studio) but the Pole mama you know and love told me to not worry about seeing the advance student to just focus on her. And that is exactly what I did. With the awesome challenges of pole fitness, it kept my hunger for more every class. Over time, I toned up and became very much in shape with just two hours of training a week!! Pole fitness offers cardio, strength training, toning, and all of the above if you find the right instructor that knows what they are doing.

Plus I was always big on toning while keeping my girlish shape instead of working with a male trainer that would end up having me built like Terry Crews!! (an amazing actor by the way) Pole fitness answered that for me. And it has for my many clients and my soon to be ones after they touch that hot stove called life and the stardust falls from their eyes.

My new and current clients, they always ask me about how I got my toned and muscular arms and body this way....90% pole fitness, 5% very rare occasion free weights, 5% running.

Plus telling people you defy the laws of gravity sounds a lot cooler than saying you run on a treadmill in a big named gym :-)

Happy Spinning,


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