From Personal Trainer to Fitness Studio Owner: Oh What a Journey!!

From the hot July day in 2013, I stepped in the City of Memphis Business offices to start my personal training mobile pole fitness ( very first of its kind I must add, and was often copied by many) to walking into my very own studio was never an easy journey. But it was a beautiful determined one, to say the least.

I remember the day I told my very first studio owner boss of Eccentric Fitness, where my studio stands today, that I had it with her behavior and treatment of the staff. Although I escaped that sinking ship alone with no regrets in early 2012, I knew it would be a long hard road.....Because I had a gift of formal training in pole fitness that had a true stigma to it that the Bible belt region was not ready for.

Before my dream & I, not much was talked about on the pole fitness frontier in Memphis and the ones that provided a place for it called it the one thing I hate in the world...POLE DANCING!!

It's already bad enough of the stigma, So I chose my route with it to not focus on the sexuality of pole fitness but more of the fitness portion of what pole can do for my students near and far. Giving even the most reserve people a place to go that is more in tune with fitness rather than the stigma of Pole.

It took a while for many to understand my concept but once they did, it spread like wildfire!! With this going on my dream of owning my very own studio played repeatedly in the back of my mind. It never left me...

So when the latter part of 2014 appeared it warmed my heart that my dream was becoming a reality with hard work, working 3rd shift jobs on top of personal training, a supportive family, no needed assistance from investors, business loans, strong determination, passion for what I love, and amazing and loyal students my dream came to reality. I still pinch myself sometimes to see if I’m awake every time I step inside my studio and watch all the lights come on. After 3 years of learning the amazing world of pole fitness all over the US, working for mismanaged studios to finding my own place in the sun. It has and continues to be a glorious ride of my life. :-)

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