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At Nicki Dark Fitness, We  have big hearts for charities and non profits in our city fighting the good fight to better our community. 


So we started #901strong to support various charities and non profits around our city to help them be a better tommorrow for someone in need.





A heartfelt Thank you to everyone that came out and help with this awesome event for Alpha Omega Veterans Services. We raised close to $400 in the short span of two hours from very generous participates and park visitors!!


This is going to make a very big difference in a vets life today. Thank you for making that possible. 


If you are interested in  giving an generous donation and continuing to be a part of the amazing mission that Alpha Omega Veterans Services is providing for our Mid-South vets. Go to their website:

ALPHA OMEGA VETERAN SERVICES is an amazing unsung hero since 1987 in the Memphis community. Continuously assisting veterans in ideal time frame programs to regaining footing in society and onto a better life after deliberating physical and mental conditions.
 ALPHA OMEGA VETERAN SERVICES, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization.






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