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Being Late is a Dangerous Game to Play Here...

- A grace period is against our religion. All clients must be in 5 mins prior to start time. Life does happen but dont use that as an excuse. Pick up that phone and call  901-216-8447 or text 305-204-0507 before your session starts.


Showing up at start time without a phone call will result in your session being forfeited. No exceptions and it's gets you a one way ticket out of here. 

-If you are not a usual punctual person (on time for appointments)

NDF STUDIOS is NOT the fitness Studio for you. 

Class Late Fees:

Late Fee: $1 per minute CASH ONLY each minute you are late for class-Max 5 mins.

After 5 mins, the doors lock and you will NOT be allowed in.

So save your outside excuses for tardiness.

We dont care, just pay your fare, hunty.

On time means: In class at 7pm not in the parking lot at 7pm

There's a difference

Disappearing Acts

-No call/No Shows are totally disrespectful to a personal trainer and yourself. If you're not dying-Pick up your phone and call the studio at 901-216-8447 or text 305-204-0507

Studio Touring

-We are indeed legendary, but we are not a museum.  

All or Nothing

-All individual & Private Sessions packages must be purchased in full. We don't do layaway #girlbye 

Deals & Promotions

Promotions are ran seasonally and at the discretion of Nicki. Make sure to check social media and sign up for the newsletter to get codes. 


 If you have to ask for a discount,

NDF Studios is NOT the studio for you.

Age is Everything

-Must be 18 and up to participate.

Stay Classy Fit 

-Only Pole & Sport apparel is allowed at NDF Studios, inappropriate Sheer clothing and regular bras used as workout apparel will get you turned around at the door. #gross

Watch That Attitude


-Bad, nasty, dramatic, and negative attitudes/behaviors are never allowed at NDF Studios- Resulting in  you immediately  getting turned around at the door and sent back to wherever you came from with that grossness. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Whiners & Complainers Beware...


This is not a daycare, You come here to put in the work during your appointed session to reach your goals that we together have set . You don't pay to whine,cry, BS here. 

Work or Go Home

-We are co-ed studio. All that grace our doors must pay and participate. Spectators are not allow. You don't come to work, You go home. 

Tread Lightly...


-Local instructors are not allowed unless an instructor's  workshop is available. Local Instructors breaking this rule studio will receive a invoice of workshop fee that will need to be paid within 30 days of notice.

All Together Now..

-Entire Nicki Pole Party attending dolls must be present 15 to 20 mins prior to start time of reserved party slot- No exceptions 

Keep the oils and lotions at home


-No oils, lotions, rings allowed ( except for wedding rings and bands)

Drink more water


 That's how you get ants...


-No Food or colored liquids allowed in the Pole Studio or Ground Zero during sessions

Keep in mind


-Deposits are required to reserve Nicki Pole Parties 


-All Sales are final on products, pole parties, private sessions, and workshops.


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