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Q. What is the difference between pole dancing and Pole Fitness?


 Pole dancing is a form of gorgeous profiting entertainment, with the goal to seduce,tease, and earn income #nothingwrongwiththat. There is a misconception that Pole Fitness is associated with stripping when dealing with new people intimated with the world of pole, which definitely is not the case. Nicki Dark Fitness, we focus on the true athletic side of working with a pole. We strive for strength, not necessarily one’s sexuality. Pole fitness clients develop that side of pole at their own pace and within their comfort zone.  



Q. What clothing will I need to wear for my private session?


We recommend you wear shorts, a comfortable sports bra, and  tank/t shirt. 


Do not apply any oil and lotion to skin prior t your private session to ensure an enjoyable learning experience for yourself and other clients to follow.


Please avoid wearing undergarments and sheer non athletic clothing as workout gear for your private session. Dress appropriate or you will be turned around at the door.




Q. What should I bring to my private session?


Most important is that you wear recommended & comfortable  fitness clothing and sneakers so that your can move around easily. It is also very useful to have a towel, bottle of water and a snack with you (food allowed in the break area only). Remember to be on time- No late admittance & you will forfeit your private session



Q. Will I need extra strength training in order to attend private sessions?


No, that is not necessary. Through our intensive progressive training , your power will be built up gradually. The workout itself is a form of strength training. In general you can say that Nicki's form of training  not only improves your fitness and flexibility, but also builds your muscles.



Q. Can men also take NDF Private sessions?


All Fitness is for both men and women at NDF STUDIOS. A co-ed pole fitness training programs developed especially for both sexes to suit muscle growth, strength, & training.



Q. I have sweaty hands. What can I do about this in order to exercise on the pole fitness properly?


Having sweaty hands can make it difficult to spin or grip the pole properly. Although you can use several tricks to get better grip, we advise you to use Mighty Grip gloves or one of the various grip chalks that we offer at the front desk. 

Q. What is the age requirement to participant in NDF STUDIO'S private training ?


Must be 18 years and up to participant in NDF STUDIO'S private sessions 



Q. I’m a Local pole fitness Instructor, can I participate in NDF Studio classes?


Local Pole instructors are NOT ALLOW in NDF Studios unless we are having a workshop exclusive for instructors. Workshops will be available on our website. The local studio of that said instructor is employed/subcontracted to will be invoiced workshop fees if rule is broken.- NO EXCEPTIONS 



Q. How do I book a NICKI POLE PARTY?


-Call us @ 901-216-8447 or Text 305-204-0507

-Prepare to put a deposit of $100 non- refundable for NICKI POLE PARTY

-Remaining balance is due day of before party can begin

-Punctuality is a must to insure safety, fun time , and respect for time. 

-Intoxicate people, exotic entertainment, and expecting mother are not permitted


- Late party participates ( dolls) will not be allowed in the party- NO LATE ADMITTANCE WHAT SO EVER

-Tips for your NICKI POLE PARTY Instructors  at the end of of your party is optional but are definitely appreciated

-No Calls/No shows will result in a Party cancellation and $80 charge.

-All sales are final


Q. What is Nicki Dark Fitness Weather Policy?


NDF STUDIOS closes in severe weather for safety reasons for the clients and NDF crew. You session/party will be reschedule to an ideal time befitting to both parties. 





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